Stenz 400 Envelope feeder +++Special Price+++

  • ModelStenz 400
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Stenz 400 Envelope feeder
designed for heavy-duty use at maximum printing speeds
– Compatible with all 36 x 52 print machines irrespective of the feed system (overlapped/single-sheet feed).
– Requires no mechanical alterations to the printing machine
– No need for synchronization adjustments as controlled by laser technology
– Very short set-up time allows economic use from 1000 envelops upwards
– Easy to operate
– The design of the feeder results in a forced overlap.
The Stenz Feeder is not restricted in throughput
– A minimum of wearing parts for extremely long service life
– Already approved in thousands of different print machines
– A Swiss quality product
– Designed by printers for printers
Speed: Limited by print machine
Length: 115 cm
Width:  50 cm
Height: adjustable between 90 and 116 cm
Max. format size:          36.5 x 35 cm
Max. pass-through width:        36.5 cm
Electrical: 230 V, 50 Hz

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