Hunkeler HKU 2000 Paper waste extraction 2012

  • ModelHKU 2000
  • Build in2012
  • Priceon request
Hunkeler HKU 2000 Paper waste extraction ––
Year 2012
Perfect condition.
The HKU 2000 is equipped with a cutter/schredder and suits for the extraction of paper scraps and endless stripes.
The machines are compact and movable and work with negative pressure. The dusty air is cleaned in the filter unit and the dust is collected with the paper scraps in the underneath placed dust bin.
The dedusting of the antistatic filter elements happens automatically by using an electro motor vibrator. The need for dedusting is initialized when the control unit is in stand-by.
The emission of clean air occurs directly at the machine. The HKU has 2 steering and 2 fixed rolls.


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