Duplo iSaddle 2016

  • Model iSaddle
  • Build in2016
  • Impressions mil. c.1.8 mio
  • Priceon request
Duplo iSaddle
Year 2016
Counter 1,8 mio

2 x DSC 10/60 Collators

DBM 400 STR Highpile Stacker

DBMS-F2 Scoring and foldingunit

LUL-HM Lift Unit

DBMS-S twin head wire stitching unit with programmable counting and finishing facility
Touch pad screen for auto make-ready & fault diagnosis
DBMS-T Front knives Trimmer

DKT-K  Head and Foot Knives Trimmer

DBM-LSW Stacker delivery

Cutted Papersize Max 356 x 610 mm, Min.. 120 x 210 mm (w
x l)
No cutted booksize (Head/foot) Max. 356 x 305 mm, Min. 120 x 105 mm (w x
Cut book size(Head/foot) Max.356×304 mm, Min. 120 x 75 mm (wxl)
Cutted brochuresize(Head/foot)Max.174 x304 mm,Min.114 x75 mm(w xl)
Speed A5 brochure/hour 4,500 = up to 40 pages

  • Duplo iSaddle in action

  • Duplo iSaddel Bookletmaker

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